Bounty is currently accepting
membership applications
for our wait list
  • Are you genuinely interested in making a commitment to adopting the co-op lifestyle?
  • Are you ready to actively participate in and regularly contribute to the co-op?
  • Do you possess any relevant skills or positive attributes that could be useful in a co-op?
  • Are you eager to join a family friendly community where neighbors look out for one another?
If you enthusiastically answered "yes" to the questions above, we encourage you to apply!

Bounty's Application Process Info:
  • Sending in your application does not get you added to our wait list
  • Only selected applicants will be interviewed by the membership committee after applying

  • We will only contact you in return if you are selected to be interviewed

  • You will be added to the wait list only if you are approved for membership after your interview

  • We do not reply to requests for, or give application status updates

  • The wait list lengths vary and are subject to fluctuation

  • You may be on the wait list for weeks, months, or years, depending upon when units become available

  • Incomplete applications will NOT be considered

  • Applications expire after one year


A successful interview and commitment to ongoing participation is mandatory

for acceptance into Bounty​ Housing Co-op


1) To apply, please download our →  



2) Fill it out and MAIL your completed application by post to our office: 

Mailing Address:
Bounty Housing Co-operative
(Attn Membership Cte)
7495 Sandborne Ave
Burnaby, BC
V3N 4V4


 *Please note: We will only contact you if you are selected to be interviewed*


We do not reply to requests for, nor do we give application status updates

For protection of your personal information, do not leave your completed application at our doorstep; send by mail only