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Your Participation is mandatory as per your Occupancy Agreement at Bounty Co-op

The co-operative lifestyle is all about 

your participation! 


Regular participation is mandatory and is required to maintain your membership in good standing within the co-op as per your Occupancy Agreement.

The people who live in the cooperative (members), organize themselves into committees and work together to manage and maintain the co-op in every aspect. It's a group effort and an important commitment!

Each committee is responsible for specific tasks. For example, we have committees that take care of building & property maintenance, landscaping, business, and some administrative duties. We strive to perform these tasks as a co-op as much as we can, not only for the purpose of saving money, but also for fun and community involvement. However, where there is a lack of expertise within the co-op or when a task is better suited for contractors or professionals, we will hire them when necessary.


General meetings are held periodically for the co-op membership to democratically vote on important issues.

It is mandatory as per our occupancy agreement that the primary and/or registered associate member from each household must attend all general meetings, as well as the Annual General Meeting.


One thing that you do not normally experience in typical rental or strata is a strong sense of community. In a co-op, by working together, we get to know each other, and many members within the co-op community become great friends! We wave and say hi to each other when in passing, and we chat in the hallways and in our beautiful backyard. There are no strangers among us, and we enjoy each other's company in both organized and informal gatherings. Throughout the year, Bounty enjoys several seasonal events, potlucks and parties that are organized by the members of our Social Committee.



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